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When it comes to plumbing, even the simplest of reasons can have substantial effects. All kinds of seemingly inconsequential bad habits can cause clogged drains. And while some of them may seem negligible, their effects on the plumbing system can be significant enough to make most people mumble and grumble.

The good news is that most plumbing fixes can be quick and simple. And with Prostar Plumbing and Heating, you’ve got a dependable plumbing company to help you. From the top plumber in Calgary, AB, below are some bad habits you need to drop ASAP.

Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Grease is one of the most common causes of clogged drains. It solidifies and sticks to the sides as it cools down in the pipes. When water runs through the pipe, more grease sticks to it until the pipe eventually blocks up. Don’t let grease from cooking go down the drain. Let it cool first and toss it in the trash or compost bin. To make sure your drains stay clog-free, keep the number of your trusted plumbing company handy.

Letting Hair Down the Drain

Flushing hair down the drain is another bad habit that can have serious consequences. Some people do it intentionally as a way of disposing of hair clippings. But, most people don’t even realize how much hair they lose every day in their showers. While most hair will pass through the pipes, some collect in plumbing vents, clump together, and even need an emergency plumbing procedure to remove.

Ignoring Plumbing Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid clogging your drains. Preventing clogged drains is easier than clearing them and having to undergo untimely plumbing repairs. When you have a plumber perform regular maintenance, you can avoid these problems and spot potential ones right from the get-go.

Clogged drains can lead to major plumbing issues that can be costly to fix. Luckily, Prostar Plumbing and Heating is here to help prevent these plumbing disasters. Call us or fill out our contact form today!

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