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An old sump pump that need sump pump repair in Calgary, AB

Trustworthy Sump Pump Installation & Sump Pump Repair Service in Calgary, AB, and Nearby Areas

Avoid flooding and water damage in your basement or cellar with professional sump pump repair and installation services by ProStar Plumbing & Heating. Call 403-250-7232 today to make sure your sump pump is ready for the next rainfall or spring thaw. Experience additional savings on your next call with our current online deals and exclusive coupons.

Are you worried about basement or cellar flooding in your home? If you live in a low-lying area with a lot of groundwater, we strongly recommend investing in a sump pump. For Calgary, AB homeowners, sump pumps are the best way to prevent flooding and water damage from excess water in the ground. At ProStar Plumbing & Heating, we are sump pump contractors who can recommend the perfect pump for your home.

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How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Sump pump installation companies work with homeowners to provide Calgary sump pump installations that will suit your unique needs. Most sump pumps work the same way: a series of french drains siphon water into a tank located in your basement or cellar. Once the water reaches a certain level, a motorized pump activates and starts pumping the water away from your home, protecting you from flooding.

Many homeowners use sump pumps on a regular basis, but they are also a good idea to keep for emergency use as well. However, if you only use your sump pump for emergencies, you must frequently test to see if it has seized. Pour water into the tank to check if the motor triggers. If nothing happens, call for immediate sump pump repair service.

Types of Sump Pumps

Are you considering a sump pump replacement? Before committing to a new sump pump, let’s take a look at the two main types of pumps to see which is best for you:

Submersible Unit
  • The motor for this pump is located in the tank and it is safe to be fully submerged in water.
  • Stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting than other units.
  • Pumps water at a quicker rate per minute, which is better for people who will rely on the pump for everyday use.
Pedestal Pump
  • The motor is located on a pedestal above the tank.
  • Cannot be fully submerged in water.
  • Pumps at a slower rate per minute, which is best for people relying on the unit for emergencies only.
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In addition to expert sump pump repair, Calgary homeowners also enjoy the following special features and customer benefits when they work with us:

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Flat-Rate Pricing

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