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Proper Furnace Maintenance in Calgary, AB, and Neighbouring Areas

Are you looking to reduce the need for urgent furnace repair in Calgary, AB, and the surrounding areas at the worst possible time? Achieve this goal by exploring the cost-effective furnace maintenance service options available from Prostar Plumbing and Heating.

All About Proper and Professional Maintenance

Furnace maintenance in Calgary, AB, and nearby areas ensures your heating system is doing the best job it can to maintain your indoor comfort when it's cold outside. We play a role in this process by using our knowledge of how furnaces operate to look for any issues warranting professional attention. Proper routine maintenance also involves:

  • Changing filters regularly
  • Taking care of smaller issues before they turn into bigger ones
  • Routine cleanings, adjustments, and other steps a heating professional can lend a hand with

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

More effective and efficient home heating is one of the top benefits of furnace maintenance. A more efficient furnace is also one that saves you money by keeping your heating costs in check. Being diligent about furnace maintenance offers these additional perks:

  • A longer-lasting furnace
  • Fewer breakdowns and urgent repair needs
  • Improved indoor air quality

Need to Have Your Furnace Replaced?
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During routine maintenance checks, we may recommend considering furnace replacement if we're noticing certain factors. For instance, a furnace that is quite outdated and no longer efficient enough to heat your indoor spaces calls for replacement. A replacement may also be necessary if repair costs and needs are becoming more burdensome.

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The Type of Furnace Filter to Consider

The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) scale is one way to determine what type of furnace filter you should use. This scale goes up to 16, although most residential filters fall in the 4 to 12 range.

A MERV 4 filter will remove about 80 percent of larger particles from the air that gets into your heating system. If you prefer even more filtration capabilities and filters that are still on the affordable side, consider filters in the MERV 7 or 8 range. If you have issues with allergies or other health concerns, however, a filter with a MERV 11 rating or higher is worth considering.

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter removes about 99 percent of airborne particles. However, you'll need to run your furnace at full capacity to get the optimal benefits with high-end filters like this, which should also be a consideration.

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Whether you're coming to us for furnace installation, routine maintenance, or any of the other services we provide, count on timely, reliable results. Take comfort in knowing our local service technicians are 100 percent committed to your satisfaction.

Make the most of our furnace services and you'll benefit from:

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