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Are you due for furnace maintenance or repair? Perhaps its time for a replacement. Whatever your furnace needs, ProStar Plumbing & Heating can help. Call us today at 403-250-7232 for expert furnace services in Calgary.

High-Efficiency Furnace Models | Installation, Maintenance & Repair

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As low as $35 per month.

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Your furnace needs regularly scheduled care for it to function at its best. ProStar Plumbing & Heating specialists provide dependable furnace repairs and installations for the Calgary area. Our furnace services are offered to keep your furnace working as efficiently as possible. Our technician can handle many minor repairs on the spot. If you need extensive repairs, the team at our Calgary office will get the parts quickly to prevent extended downtime.

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Benefits Of Replacing Or Getting Your New Furnace

In some instances, you can opt for furnace repairs, but at some point, a furnace replacement will be needed. If your furnace is old and outdated, you'll enjoy the following benefits when you replace it:

  • Better Warm Airflow: A common issue that comes up with old furnaces is their inability to heat the home. With a new furnace in place, you can expect a steady stream of warm air that reaches every room in your home.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Newer furnaces are constructed to provide energy-efficient operation. This is particularly helpful during the winter months when your furnace is constantly in operation.
  • No Repairs: As mentioned before, many homeowners may opt for repairs, but in the long run, the constant need for repairs can easily outweigh the cost of a new unit. Eliminate the need for repairs with a brand new furnace.
  • Quiet Operation: As furnaces deteriorate, they may become noisy, creating an irritating home environment. Newer furnaces are made to operate quietly, offering complete home heating with no noise.
  • Improved Air Quality: If people in your home constantly struggle with allergies and sinus issues, an old furnace may be to blame. A new furnace will improve the indoor air quality in your home, and help to filter out any impurities in the air.