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Smoke Detector Repair & Installation Service
Calgary, AB

A smoke detector in Calgary, AB

A properly installed smoke detector can be life-saving! Don’t trust just any smoke detector service with the installation or repair of this crucial appliance. Call us at 403-250-7232 to schedule an appointment. Stop by our coupons page to see how you can save even more money on our smoke detector services.

At ProStar Plumbing & Heating, our customer’s safety and comfort are our number one priority. Our skilled technicians are experienced in smoke detector installation, smoke detector repair, or smoke detector replacement.

Do you need to replace, repair, or install a smoke detector? Don’t wait until it is too late! A properly installed smoke detector is necessary to ensure the safety of your family and the protection of your personal assets.

ProStar Plumbing & Heating in Calgary offers same-day service and our technicians have the expertise and know-how to perform any necessary repairs or installations to ensure your smoke detector is functioning properly. Read more about what our customers have to say about our service on our reviews page.

When should I Replace my Smoke Detector?

  • Check the manufacturer date on the smoke detector, if it is more than 10 years old, it may be time to replace.
  • The test button on a smoke detector only confirms that the battery and electric components are working, however, it does not test whether the smoke sensor is working. Check for physical damage.

How to Maintain your Smoke Detector

Maintenance of your smoke detector is crucial in ensuring your system is working properly in the event of an emergency. Here is how you can keep your smoke detector working at its most effective:

  • Test the alarm monthly
  • Replace the batteries at least once a year
  • Replace the entire smoke alarm every 10 years

A properly functioning smoke detector will ensure your world doesn’t go up in smoke. Smoke detectors are the best preventative measure to protect against unexpected fires in your home. You can trust the qualified and skilled technicians at ProStar Plumbing & Heating to install or repair your smoke detector properly to ensure it is working in the event of an emergency. We are dedicated to our customer’s safety and comfort!

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