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The need for sanitation and clean water supply goes back to the ancient days. While it may seem normal now to have a washroom and a kitchen sink, you’ll be surprised to learn that back in the day, these amenities were only meant for the wealthy.

The best part is that the ancient civilization days played a critical role in our modern-day plumbing. Here are some interesting facts about the history of indoor plumbing.

Early Years of Plumbing

3000 B.C.

During this period, archaeologists discovered underground water pipes made of clay in the Indus River in India. These pipes were not only used to supply water, but they were also used to dispose wastewater into the sewers.

1500 B.C.

The people of Crete under the reign of King Minos created concrete drainage systems and sewage disposal systems that had underground channels. The Minoans are also known to have been the first to invent the first flushing toilet that had a wooden seat.

Later in the 19th Century, scientists discovered a bathtub that had been made from cast iron. The island of Crete also developed rainwater cisterns that allowed them to store rainwater until it was needed for bathing, cooking, drinking, and washing.

710 B.C.

The Assyrian King, Sargon the great is known to have invented the first shower when he had slaves climb up on a ladder and pour water over him as he bathed.

Egyptians Plumbing Advances

In 2500 B.C., Egyptians constructed pyramids that had bathrooms with sewage and irrigation systems. They used copper pipes to supply water to public wells and in homes.

Archeologists discovered copper piping in the pyramid for King Suhura. It is believed that priests used the pipes to drain water after performing their rituals.

Roman Plumbing Advances

The Roman Empire had an advanced plumbing system. They constructed large aqueducts that helped to supply water to public and private baths. The underground sewer systems ensured that wastewater was safely disposed of.

The empire also had marble fixtures with silver and gold fittings. Around 500 B.C., the Egyptians made use of lead pipes which are believed to have made a huge improvement in sanitary conditions.

New Plumbing Technology

Plumbing has not been left behind when it comes to technology. Whether you’re a more traditional person or you would rather go with modern and sleek, you’re guaranteed to find showers, toilets, faucets featuring the latest technology.

· Toilets

Modern toilets are advanced and now feature low-flow, dual flush modes which help in water conservation. Moreover, some toilets are fitted with motion sensors that easily sense when you’re done.

The toilets in Calgary, AB automatically flush themselves and place the toilet seat back. If you hate the manual scrubbing, you can now enjoy self-cleaning toilets that make your work easier.

· Digital Showers

With modern shower systems, you can access LCD panels that allow you to control the music, steam, water pressure, and the temperature. Also, you don’t have to bring in your speakers to the bathroom as modern showers are fitted with Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy your music as you shower.

If you need to invigorate the body and just relax, chromotherapy showers are what you need; these showers use color therapy to help you relax. Modern plumbing has made strides through the years and has become a convenience that you can’t do without. The next time you take a shower, remember to be thankful. In case of any plumbing problems, be sure to contact a professional plumbing company to help resolve these issues.

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