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It’s the main phase of the season, and if you didn’t plan routine furnace maintenance in the autumn, you might believe it’s too late and maybe thinking of putting it off until the next fall.

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  • Overview
  • Why is furnace maintenance so important?
  • Repair avoidance
  • Unit life extension
  • Reduce heating costs

It’s not too late, though! Furnace maintenance is required once a year. Although it’s usually ideal to get your furnace serviced in the autumn season to avoid the first chilly days of winter, it’s better to do it late than never. Furnace maintenance isn’t a frill or an “extra” for your heating system; it’s a need. To schedule a furnace tune-up and inspection, contact a heating company in Calgary, HVAC company immediately.

Why Is Furnace Maintenance So Important?

What makes furnace maintenance so crucial that we recommend you undertake it even late in the season?

When it comes to a heating system, safety always matters first. The majority of furnaces in the region are powered by natural gas, and any item that uses natural gas does have the potential to become harmful if not regularly inspected. Experienced specialists will inspect the gas line and the heat exchanger during furnace maintenance to see whether there is a risk of carbon monoxide leakage.

If the specialist discovers anything wrong, they may arrange for necessary repairs (or even system replacement) to keep the furnace operating safely. So Yes, electric furnaces may be harmful, since they can cause electric fires due to faulty wiring.

Most furnace warranties include a requirement that the unit is serviced on a regular basis by a qualified technician. If you don’t manage your furnace, the warranty will be voided, and you’ll be responsible for any repairs or replacements that would have been covered otherwise. Maintenance protects you from manufacturing flaws and keeps you and your home safe.

Repair avoidance

Here’s a sobering truth regarding furnace operation: lack of maintenance accounts for about 85% of furnace repairs required over its service life. You may avoid paying for 85 percent of the repairs you’ll need if you keep up with routine maintenance. That is to say, all of them. You’ll save both time and money

Unit life extension

What is the expected lifespan of your furnace? Most likely, you’ll say, “As long as possible!” Maintenance is the most effective approach to ensure that you get the most out of your furnace. Most furnaces won’t even last half their manufacturer’s anticipated lifespan if they aren’t maintained, and no “repair” is more expensive than having to arrange an early furnace replacement.

Reduce heating costs

As a furnace operates year after year, it collects wear and tears from the strain of operation as well as dust and filth. This reduces the furnace’s efficiency since it must use more energy to run than it normally would. You won’t experience a continuous rise in your utility costs if you keep your furnace in good working conditions.

To talk to our furnace repairman, give us a call now. This program will look after your home’s heating and cooling systems to provide you with a number of other advantages.

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