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Famous physicist and philosopher Albert Einstein once wrote a letter to a magazine declaring that if he could be a young man again, he’d try to become a plumber, not a scientist. Source

Read on to find a few more interesting facts from the plumbing world. Meanwhile, to contact a 24-hour plumber in Calgary, who can immediately fix an ongoing plumbing woe, please click HERE.

The concept of plumbing is thousands of years old

The earliest instances of planned plumbing were found in the Indus valley civilization, also called the Harappan civilization. Discoveries revealed interesting insights, including that they used earthen plumbing pipes to transport water and direct drain wastes to designated areas.  For your information, experts believe the civilization could be 8000 years old. Source

Our favorite video game character Mario was NOT born as a plumber

The popular and hardworking video game character Mario debuted in Donkey Kong as a carpenter named Jumpman to support the game’s setting which was a construction site. In Mario Bros, his creator chose to give him a plumber’s look – again to adjust the new setting which now was full of pipes, sewers, and underground.

6 drops of water from a leaking tap make a loss of 1200 liters of water yearly.

A tap that drips six drops of water per minute, will eventually lose a staggering 12,00 liters of water annually, equaling to seven bathtubs.  (Source) So, the next time you hear a dripping noise, seek professional plumbing services in Calgary immediately.

Manhole covers are circular so that they can’t fall through the opening

Ever wondered why manhole covers are circular? Because round shapes are easy to manufacture, and being round they can be effortlessly transported from one place to another. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that being round in shape, they can’t fall through a circular opening – no matter how hard they are turned sideways.

30 mins a day in the bathroom

Let us conclude the first part of unbelievable plumbing facts with this interesting information. The average person spends nearly 30 minutes in the bathroom daily. Source This is not a small number when multiplied by the total number of days a person lives.

Don’t repair a plumbing leak on your own

Okay, it is not an expected fact, but it is still a fact. A good number of average homeowners often decide to repair a plumbing leak themselves using things as commonly available as duct tape. This actually makes the problem worse and will lead to costly professional repair. A duct tape might not completely close a leak and when the water pressure will increase, the temporary solution could quickly become an unsafe experiment.

To avoid such situations, always choose to call a professional plumber in Calgary. Experienced plumbers will easily identify the problem, present a realistic solution and fix an issue quickly while preventing scope for future ongoing repairs. For example,  ProStar Plumbing & Heating is often recommended by homeowners and commercial institutions as their number 1 choice for 24-hour plumbers in Calgary.

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