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Professional Furnace Repair in Calgary, AB

It is virtually impossible to anticipate heating problems. Fortunately, a heating contractor in Calgary, AB, from Prostar Plumbing and Heating is easily accessible when you need professional furnace repair ASAP. If replacement is worth considering, we'll tell you why this is the case so you can determine what's appropriate for your situation.

We Are Your Local Heating Experts

We have a comprehensive, customer-focused approach to the services we provide in Cowtown, from furnace maintenance to replacement. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service at all times. You'll also benefit from convenient access to trained, courteous technicians up-to-date with technology, trends, and customer preferences.

Consistent quality is one reason to confidently choose Prostar Plumbing and Heating for furnace repair and the other services we provide. You'll also be pleased when choosing us because of benefits that include:

  • Reasonable, upfront pricing
  • Sensible, budget-pleasing solutions
  • Prompt, attentive service
  • Quality parts and products
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We Specialize in Furnace Repair & Installation

We take pride in being well-versed when it comes to all types of heating-related services, including furnace installation and repair. A new installation may be necessary if repairs are becoming more frequently needed or if your existing furnace is older. Regardless of what ends up being right for your needs, our aim is to leave you with comfy, cozy, well-heated indoor spaces.

The Top Benefits of Professional Furnace Repair

Our professional technicians know how to quickly and accurately pinpoint furnace problems. We also use appropriate parts and repair methods. This also reduces potential issues with warranties that may still be in effect on your furnace. Additionally, we know how to conduct an efficient furnace repair in Calgary, AB, in a way that improves system efficiency and helps extend its service life.

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When Do You Need Our Repair Services?

The most effective way to reduce the need for furnace replacement sooner than expected is to know when to contact us about furnace repair. Taking this step as soon as possible allows us to address and resolve smaller issues before bigger problems can develop. Pay attention to the following symptoms:

Frequent cycling
A blower that's continuously running
Clicking sounds when your furnace is trying to turn on – but fails to do so
Lack of heat when your furnace is running
Inefficient heating within your inside spaces
A furnace that's unusually noisy

Common Issues to Keep
an Eye On

Dirty or clogged filters and problems with the ignition control or pilot light components are among the more common heating-related issues. Your furnace can also be affected by a faulty thermostat, damage from regular wear and tear, problems with electrical components, and issues with the blower. Lack of regular furnace maintenance is another common heating issue, but rest assured that we can help you with annual inspections and even maintenance tips.