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Furnace Repair & Installation in Crowfoot, AB

Whenever in need of any type of furnace maintenance or repair work in the vicinity of Crowfoot, AB, the crew at Prostar Plumbing and Heating is ready and able to serve. Our extensive heating and air expertise include repairing furnaces of all ages, and we service most major product brands.

Why Furnaces are Essential

In areas like Alberta that experience extreme winter temperatures, a high-quality, well-maintained furnace is a necessity. As a local home or business owner, it's critical that you develop a strong working relationship with a professional heating contractor who will be available to ensure that your furnace functions as needed during the colder months of the year.

Issues to Keep an Eye On

Keeping tabs on your furnace's day-to-day operation is one key to heading off problems before they have a chance to develop into more serious issues. Your heater should be relatively quiet and produce a steady, reliable flow of warmed air. Your utility bills should also remain consistent from month to month during the winter unless your area is experiencing a sudden rise in energy costs or unseasonably warm weather. Any departure from normal system operation could be a sign that our team's furnace services are in order.

Spot Furnace Problems

The most obvious sign of trouble occurs when the entire system shuts down unexpectedly. This type of worst-case scenario could be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or a mechanical breakdown of the heating element or heat exchanger. Less obvious issues include faulty ductwork that allows heated air to escape from the system, clogged filters that impair normal system efficiency, and minor mechanical problems that will benefit from a furnace repair in Crowfoot.

Our Repair Services

We can handle everything from initial furnace installation to complete replacement of old, outdated furnaces and everything in between. Our team will gladly help you size a new or replacement system for your property; we'll then go the extra mile to see that it's installed in accordance with the latest building codes. We also replace clogged filters, repair damaged ductwork, replace broken fans and heating units, and fix leaks in gas-powered units with the goal of restoring existing furnace systems to full working order once again.

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Whether we're called on to perform a minor repair, seasonal maintenance, or complete furnace replacement, we'll supply a speedy response and strict attention to detail. You can be certain that we'll only use repair and replacement parts that are compatible with your existing system and that we'll offer you as many options as possible to find the right solution that fits your budget. We'll also provide a comprehensive up-front estimate and treat your property with respect and consideration while working at your location.