Conserve Water and Enjoy More Money in Your Pocket with these Water Bill Hacks

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Drought, pollution from fires and the devastation of the city infrastructure due to flooding a few years ago has caused the water bills of Calgary, AB residents to escalate higher than ever.

Thankfully, there are some simple ways that you can lower the cost of your water bill substantially through retrofitting and fixing leaking faucets and pipes. It is also quite easy to make a couple of changes to your regular household routine by changing your usual habits.

Wash Your Car Less Often and Take It to a Car Wash

Washing a vehicle can use up to a thousand gallons of water, and you will see this as a huge expenditure on your water bill.

It is much more reasonable to take it to a car wash, where the water used is recycled and where the expense is minimal.

If you do wash your car at home, try to let it go as long as possible to prevent outrageous hikes in your water bill.

Recycle Greywater to Your Garden With Soaker Hoses

One way to conserve water is to ask your plumber to attach hoses to your washing machine, dishwasher and washbasins so that slightly used water, called greywater, is channeled outside into your backyard.

You will never have to turn on your outdoor faucet again if you do this plus collect rainwater in barrels. You can also collect water manually from sinks and bathtubs using watering cans and buckets and use that greywater to water houseplants.

Always Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

Filling your bathtub uses about 40 gallons of water whereas taking a shower only uses about 15 gallons.

The rule of thumb is that the shorter your shower is, the more money you are going to save.

Make it a solid rule in your home that nobody stays in the shower for more than eight minutes and this will result in big savings on your water bill.

Ask Your Plumber About the Latest Leak-Proof Water-Saving Gadgets

Every year the plumbing industry is coming up with new, interesting hacks for helping you to save water. Have your plumber over for an inspection and also a check up to make sure your pipes and fixtures are not leaking.

Every little drop of water wasted by a leak adds up so it is crucial to make sure every pipe is popularly sutured together and that there is no water seepage from anywhere.

After every leak in the house has been patched up, then inquire as to how you can have such water-saving fixtures as motion-sensor water dispensers, faucet aerators and point-of-use water heaters installed in your home. Other gadgets that come in handy when it comes to saving both heat and water are adjustable flappers for your toilet tank that adjust the amount of water that flows into the bowl, cycle diverters, and a tankless water heater.

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