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Many people see DIY furnace repairs as a cost-effective way to keep their heating systems running. But no matter how many how-to videos you watch on YouTube, furnace repair is dangerous both for novices and experts alike. The reasons to avoid DIY furnace repair in Calgary, AB and to call ProStar Plumbing and Heating instead are as follows.

A Fire Hazard

All DIY projects related to the furnace can put you at risk of fire hazards. One mistake in repairing the heater can cause a possibly fatal accident. For instance, there might be an unknown gas leak, a short circuit, overheating, a faulty power light, or a mechanical error during the repair. Not only will you need to call a technician for a furnace replacement, but a fire restoration expert to repair the home, as well as professional medical help to deal with any injuries.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

An odorless and colorless gas called carbon monoxide may seep into the home when you attempt to fix a furnace. The scary part is no one will know about the gas until symptoms show up. By then, it might be too late. Furnaces with fuel are likely to leak carbon monoxide, and the heat exchanger can crack during DIY repair, causing the gas leak. A carbon monoxide detector will detect the gas, but it won’t tell you the source or call a technician for furnace installation or repair.

Respiratory Problems

A furnace or HVAC with a heat pump contains a heating and cooling component called a refrigerant. Performing DIY heating repair may cause an accidental crack or hole in the refrigerant portion of the unit. A refrigerant leak contaminates the air and can cause breathing problems, asphyxia, and dizziness.

It’s not worth saving a few bucks on furnace maintenance and repairs only to have the issue come back or cause worse problems down the road.

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