The Best Practices to Help Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

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It can take some time to find a qualified professional to come to your home to cater to an emergency plumbing situation–and often costs much more than you’d expect. After all, you may need immediate help at inopportune times to deal with issues like flooding or sewer backups.

Learning how to avoid emergency situations is a good way to cut down on the times you need to call for help.

Use Strainers

Even complex problems can have simple solutions. Strainers are an easy way to prevent plumbing issues. You can use these on both sinks and showers or tubs. They catch debris and anything else that could go into the pipe and cause a clog.

Take Care of Leaks ASAP

The longer you put off plumbing repairs, the more they will cost you in the end. If you see a leak under your bathroom sink, don’t assume that it will be fine. We can come out and decide whether you need a quick repair or a new pipe. With our work, you can prevent that minor leak from becoming a catastrophe later on.

Insulate Pipes

A good plumbing company can insulate your pipes, even if they’re deep in the ground or in your crawlspace. Calgary winters can get so cold that the heat in your home isn’t enough to keep those pipes safe. Pipes can develop small leaks you don’t notice that eventually cause the pipe to burst and release tons of water. We use insulation methods that keep the pipes warm all winter long.

ProStar Plumbing & Heating is the qualified plumber in Calgary, AB, that’s always here to help you. Learning how to avoid plumbing mishaps can help you keep your plumbing system safe this winter and beyond. Make one call to get a full plumbing inspection to see what your home needs.

Reach out to us and say goodbye to your plumbing woes today!

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