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Clogged drains are among the most common plumbing problems. While they may start as a minor issue, they have a way of quickly escalating to cause further damage to your plumbing system. That’s why you need to take a proactive stance when it comes to the prevention of clogs.

For drain cleaning services you can count on, turn to ProStar Plumbing and Heating. As the top plumbing company in Calgary, AB, we’ll make sure you have free-flowing drains all year round. Here, we take a good look at the reasons why your drains are always clogged.

Not Using a Drain Filter

Hair is the most common contributor to clogged drains, particularly in showers, bathroom pipes, and sinks. The best preventative method to avoid this problem is by placing drain guards. You’d be amazed at how a simple solution like this can affect the overall condition of your plumbing system and even prevent emergency plumbing scenarios from happening.

Abusing the Garbage Disposal

Just because the garbage disposal unit can handle big chunks of garbage, doesn’t mean you should constantly abuse it. Putting down everything from large pieces of food refuse to oil or grease can take its toll. Dispose of food scraps and dirt in compost bins to avoid unnecessary expenses on untimely plumbing repairs.

Mineral Build-Up

Mineral build-up is one of the major plumbing problems that homeowners deal with. This is prevalent in areas with hard water and results in clogged pipes and reduced water pressure. Homeowners should monitor their system or install a water softener to reduce the likelihood of clogs and other plumbing problems stemming from this.

With a few precautionary measures, you can effectively prevent your drains from clogging up. Should there be problems, count on the top plumber in Calgary, AB to be there for you. We’ll make sure to clear away even the most stubborn clogs in a jiffy.

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