11 Tips for Maintaining the Air Conditioning System Throughout the Summer

ProStar Plumbing staff doing an ac repair in Calgary, AB.

On hot days, a consistent and reliable air conditioning system is a must. Sticking to a simple HVAC maintenance regimen, in addition to scheduled maintenance work will ensure a cozy home during the season. Here are few suggestions for keeping the air conditioner in good working condition this season. Do early testing before the season If somehow you…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters Calgary, AB

When your home needs a new water heater, you might wonder which option to choose. At ProStar Plumbing and Heating, and Electrical Services, we offer energy-efficient tankless water heaters. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a tankless water heater in Calgary, AB, will help you make an informed decision. Better Energy Efficiency For most homeowners,…

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Indications That Your Hot Water Heating System Is About to Fail

Technician doing water heater installation in Calgary, AB

Winter has arrived, which implies temperatures in some areas of the country are as low as -25 degrees centigrade. The last thing you want is for your hot water to freeze if you reside anywhere where it gets cold outside. As a consequence, it’s vital that you pay attention to key measures of your hot water heater’s…

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